“LONG Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd” established in March 1988 and major in research and manufacture Automatic Machines, Peripherals and Consumables of Electric Semiconductors Industries. LONG is  specialized in manufacturing Automatic Dipping Machines and Equipment of Passive Components, Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor, Multi-layer Ceramic inductor, Chip Resistors, Semiconductor Industry, and Optoelectronics industry.

Major Business Scope:

  • Automatic Machines and Equipments of thick film hybrid circuit and chip resistors
  • Automatic Machines and Equipments of semi-fixed resistor, variable resistor and thick film chips resistors networks.
  • Automatic Termination Dipping Machines and Equipments of Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor and Ceramic Inductor.
  • Automatic Machines and Equipments of Semiconductor and Optoelectronics industries.
  • Automatic Machines and Equipments of IC Leadframe.
  • Automatic Dipping Machines and Peripherals Equipments of Preciseness Ceramic Chip.
  • Associated Dipping Consumables of Multi-layer Ceramic Chips of Passive Components

Business Culture

“LONG Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd” holds our business culture of “Industrious, Plain, Innovation, Quality, and Service”. We embed Industrious and Plain Spirits within our organization and employees; we create our innovation technology and idea to keep ahead of market; we are keeping improving Quality always; we offer Service for the customer reigns supreme.

Management Philosophy / Principles

“LONG Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd” uses Eight management elements for “Light, Thin, Short, Small, Precise, Fine, Quality, Quantity” to grasp market competitive and share information with our Customers to co-create product value and mutually benefits of win-win relationship, and also make benefits for the community and human.

Business Sales Territory

Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan

Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Belarus, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech, Austria, Netherlands

United States, El Salvador, Mexico

Business Sales Territory of LONG Automatic Machinery