Management & Development 

LONG, established in 1988, focuses on designing and manufacturing specific automatic machinery equipment for processes such as thick film printing, passive components, semi-conductor electronics, special chip dipping. LONG equipments have been marketed to more than 20 countries, indicating that LONG is a really competitve compay with a long-term prospective future. The company emphasizes on the growth and improvement of employees. While bringing individual's experts and skills into full play, employees can expand the global perspective and improve language ability by interacting with foreign clients. Moreover, through the goal setting and performance evaluation under the performance management system, employees can fulfill the expecting career plans, training requirements, and developing directions, in pursuing the achievement of the individual and the company.

Training & Education

On the job training (OJT):Establishing the culture of lifelong learning within the organization through on the job training. The on the job training and the external training held by the company prompts employees to spare no effort to achieve the identical goal, providing the opportunity of improvement for employees.

Welfares & Activities

「Monetary Benefit」: Overtime pay, Non-leave pay, Holiday bonus, Year-end bonus.

「Holiday Benefit」:The two-day-off per week policy.

「Insurance Benefit」: Labor insurance, National health insurance, Casualty insurance, Group insurance for employees and family dependants, Pension.

「Dining Benefit」: Staff's dining room, Meal missing allowance, Meal plan.

「Dressing Benefit」: Staff uniform.

「Residence Benefit」: Staff dormitory.

「Transportation Benefit」: Fare subsidy, Staff parking space.

「Entertainment Benefit」: Staff activity, Domestic trip, Abroad travel, Seasoning dinner party.

「Extra Benefit」: On the job training, Cell-phone allotment or subsidy, Retirement plan(including pension and retirement benefits etc.)

「Other Benefit」: Non-smoking factory, Air conditioning factory.

Current Vacancy