Business Scope

“LONG Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd” created the new carrier- Thin Carrier Plate (TCP) is the best choice of Terminal and Array Dipping Process, specific for Passive Components Industries including Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC), Multi-layer Ceramic inductor (MLCI), Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC), Low Inductance Ceramic Capacitors (LICC), Multilayer Varistor (MLV) and so on. LONG also research, develop and manufacture series precision automatic machines, peripherals and tooling to provide the vertical integrative service and promote global and industrial competitiveness.

Thin Carrier Plates for Dipping Machines from LONG Automatic


  • TCP: Thin Carrier Plate
  • ATCP: Array Thin Carrier Plate
  • MLCC: Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor.
  • MLCI: Multi-layer Ceramic inductor
  • LTCC: Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics
  • LICC: Low Inductance Ceramic Capacitors
  • MLV: Multilayer Varistor
  • SMD: Surface-Mount Device