Load Plate for SUS Plate
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  • Application: Inserting chips
  • Specification: Customable if request
Product No.Product NameSpecification
LGJPL- JIG Load Plate  
LGJPL-00100-045035-0 JIG Load Plate,0201 100 holes ∮0.45-0.35t (associated with TCP)
LGJPL-00140-610450-0 JIG Load Plate,2222(Circular design) 140 holes,∮6.1-4.5t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00169-580550-0 JIG Load Plate,08CH(Circular design) 169 holes,∮5.8-5.5t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00169-645475-0 JIG Load Plate,2220(Circular design) 169 holes,∮6.45-4.75t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00217-545470-0 JIG Load Plate,2220(Circular design) 217 holes,∮5.45-4.7t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00217-575475-0 JIG Load Plate,2220(Circular design) 217 holes,∮5.75-4.75t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00331-440320-0 JIG Load Plate,1812(Circular design) 331 holes,∮4.4-3.2t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00331-445320-0 JIG Load Plate,1812(Circular design) 331 holes,∮4.45-3.2t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00397-370300-0 JIG Load Plate,1812(Circular design) 397 holes,∮3.7-3.0t(including location pin )(with Margin 1.5CM)
LGJPL-00397-375300-0 JIG Load Plate,1812(Circular design) 397 holes,∮3.75-3.0t(including location pin )(with Margin 1.5CM)
LGJPL-00469-345220-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 469 holes,∮3.45-2.2t(with Margin 1.5CM)(including location pin )
LGJPL-00469-410320-0 JIG Load Plate,1812(Circular design) 469 holes,∮4.1-3.2t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00510-240230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 510 holes,∮2.4-2.3t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00510-245230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 510 holes,∮2.45-2.3t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00547-335230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 547 holes,∮3.35-2.3t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00547-340230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 547 holes,∮3.4-2.3t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00576 JIG Load Plate 576 holes 
LGJPL-00631-300230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design)(no space in middle) 631 holes,∮3.0-2.3t(including single PIN,with Margin 1.5CM)
LGJPL-00631-310230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 631 holes,∮3.1-2.3t(including single PIN,with Margin 1.5CM)
LGJPL-00631-325230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 631 holes,∮3.25-2.3t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00756-125120-0 JIG Load Plate,0603(Circular design) 756 holes,∮1.25-1.2t(including location pin )
LGJPL-00989 JIG Load Plate,(Circular design) 989 holes (including location pin )
LGJPL-00990-210230-0 JIG Load Plate,1210(Circular design) 990 holes,∮2.1-2.3t(including location pin )
LGJPL-01000-L970W045-160-0 JIG Load Plate(Long holes) 1000 holes,L9.7*W0.45-1.6t(including location pin )
LGJPL-01027-170125-0 JIG Load Plate,0805(Circular design) 1027 holes,∮1.7-1.25t(including location pin )
LGJPL-01027-255235-0 JIG Load Plate,1206(Circular design) 1027 holes,∮2.55-2.35t(No including location pin )
LGJPL-01141-230220-0 JIG Load Plate,1206(Circular design) 1141 holes,∮2.3-2.2t(including location pin )
LGJPL-01141-235220-0 JIG Load Plate,1206(Circular design) 1141 holes,∮2.35-2.2t(including location pin )
LGJPL-01387-200125-0 JIG Load Plate,0805(Circular design) 1387 holes,∮2.0-1.25t(No including location pin )
LGJPL-01450- JIG Load Plate,(Circular design) 1450 holes (including location pin )
LGJPL-01623-300150-0 JIG Load Plate,1210C 1623 holes ∮3.0-1.5t(including location pin )
LGJPL-02165-220150-0 JIG Load Plate,1206 2165 holes,∮2.2-1.5t(including location pin )
LGJPL-02409-200150-0 JIG Load Plate,1206 2409 holes,∮2.0-1.5t(including location pin )
LGJPL-02769- JIG Load Plate,(Circular design) 2769 holes (including location pin )
LGJPL-03783-195150-0 JIG Load Plate,1206 3783 holes,∮1.95-1.5t(including location pin )
LGJPL-04067- JIG Load Plate,(Circular design) 4067 holes (including location pin )
LGJPL-04191-170100-0 JIG Load Plate,0805 4191 holes,∮1.7-1.0t(including location pin )
LGJPL-06519- JIG Load Plate,6519 holes 805
LGJPL-08966- JIG Load Plate,8966 holes 603
LGJPL-08966-085060-0 JIG Load Plate,0402 8966 holes ∮0.85-0.6t(including location pin )
LGJPL-12534- JIG Load Plate,12534 holes 402
LGJPL-13124-060060-0 JIG Load Plate,0201 13124 holes,∮0.6-0.6t(including location pin )
LGJPL-13234-075030-0 JIG Load Plate,0201 13124 holes,∮0.75-0.3t(including location pin )
*** Above list could be customable