TCP Automatic Loading and Unloading Dipping Machine
Product Description
Application: for chips terminal dipping of passive components
Carrier: Thin Carrier Plate series, TCP
Chips: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 (inch)and above
Capacity: Depends on chips’ specification which will affect capacity. For example, the capacity of chip 0402 (1005mm) is about 826 K/hr.

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  • Load: After insert, TCPs are placed in cassette and put on load cassette position by labor.
  • All transportation between machine stations are tranposrtated by robot.
  • Low-temperature oven(70℃): Before dipping, TCP is put on the low temperature oven to preheat chips.
  • Chip surface debris cleansing mechanism: clean debris on chip surface.
  • Laser paste check: when distributing paste, machine check if there is debris fallen on the paste.
  • Dipping: Use vacuum approach to put TCP through the chips dipping process.
    • Standard
      Diphead straight up and down
    • S movement
      Diphead draws a circle when moving up
    • SX movement
      Diphead repeatly draws circle clockwise and counterclockwise when moving up
    • 8 movement
      Diphead repeatly draws circle counterclockwise, and then draws circle clockwise to form a 8 pattern when moving up 
  • Rotate track: When set double side dipping, robot moves first side dipped chips to the position to rotate to second side, then continue second side dipping.
  • Vacuum debubble mechanism: Debuble tray goes to vacuum position to remove air bubble in paste.
  • For chips below 0603 (1608), suitable single side chip dipping manufacturing process; for chips above 0603 (1608), suitable two sides chip dipping manufacturing process and unnecessary to transfer.
  • Paste thickness precision:±0.01mm
  • Action precision: ±0.002mm
  • Ink tray plate flatness: ±0.005mm
  • The parallelism tolerance between dipping plate and ink tray: ±0.05mm
  • Adjustable Ink tray thickness:±0.001mm
  • Dimension: 2250 (L)*1500 (W) *2100 mm (H)
  • Weight: 1850 Kgs
  • Controller: PLC, HMI, Servo Motor…
  • Voltage: 3ψ220V(380V), customable
  • Electric current: 21(A)
  • Power consumption: 8(KW)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Air Consumption: 40 (l/min)