Level Plate
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  • Application:It is categorized into two types, which are with holes and without holes. It is used to fix on the bottom of the air press for level, which make the protrusion of chips even.
  • LGPDT Specification
Item NumberItem NameSpecification
LGPDT-00000-000-0 Level Plate, TCP(without holes) 20t
LGPDT-00000-000-1 Level Plate, TCP(without holes, Common Usage in Auto/Manual Equipment) 20t
LGPDT-00192- Level Plate, TCP 192 holes
LGPDT-00240- Level Plate,TCP 240 holes
LGPDT-00288- Level Plate,TCP 288 holes
LGPDT-00752-610-0 Level Plate, TCP(Common Usage in Auto/Manual Equipment) 752holes ψ6.1-20t
LGPDT-00752-630-0 Level Plate,TCP 752holes ψ6.3-20t
LGPDT-00976- Level Plate,TCP 976holes
LGPDT-00976-540-0 Level Plate,TCP 976holes,ψ5.4-20t
LGPDT-01264-450-0 Level Plate, TCP(Common Usage in Auto/Manual Equipment) 1264holes ψ4.5-20t
LGPDT-01264-450-1 Level Plate,TCP 1264holes,ψ4.5-20t
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