Auto Insert Machine
Product Description
Application: Insert chips into TCP automatically.
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With related automatic dipping machine, the Auto Insert Machine completes inserting action automatically.

The Auto Insert Machine inserts chips into the holes of the load plate through automatic shaking. With TCP, the air press of inserting from bottom press chips into the holes of TCP. After the loaded TCP being leveled, it is then moved into the cassette for the following dipping procedure. The whole process has been operated without operators touching, in order to achieve the precise of the protrude rate.

  • Auto Shaking Chips:The chips in the shaking box are shacked backward. The chips are shacked into the holes of the load plate through the eccentric cam between two load plates. Extra chips are collected back into the collection box through quickly shacking in big angles.
  • Transmission Arm:Two loaded load plates are taken out by the transmission arm, and are placed on the top track by the top transmission arm. The bottom transmission arm takes out the empty load plate from the bottom track and put them into the inserting machine.
  • TCP storage magazine and movement sucker plate set:
    Through this action, the TCP can be placed on the loaded load plate.
  • Insert from the bottom and level:
    The load plate and the TCP, which are moved into from the top track, the chips are pressed to protrude on the top of TCP through the press conversion from the bottom, press plate(with escaping holes) and the bottom block(control the protrude rate of chips). Then, it is transported to a leveling press and leveled to achieve the best flatness.
  • Unloading Track and Unload Cassette:
    After leveling, TCPs are pushed into the cassette in sequence to complete the operation of this machine.
  • Dimension:2550*1500*2550 mm
  • Weight:1900KG