Spacer for Transfer/Top insert
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  • Application: Put the spacers at both right and left sides under the Air Press from Top, and through the Spacers to adjust height and reach the expected value of chips protrusion.
  • SP3AH- Specification
Product No.Product NameSpecification
SP3AH-01001   S45C/12*14*54mm
SP3AH-01002 Spacer for Transfer (for LGAT-003T) Depend on M/C
SP3AH-01002-1 Spacer for Transfer (LGAT-003T) [ORIGINAL TYPE] S45C/8*12*42mm
SP3AH-01003 Spacer for Top Air Press SKD11/45*182*520mm
SP3AH-01004   HSS/Ø4*14mm
SP3AH-01006 Spacer for Insert (for LGAT-003T) Depend on M/C
SP3AH-01006-1 Spacer for Insert (LGAT-00) S45C/10.5*32*56mm
SP3AH-01006-2 Spacer for Push Out (for LGAT-003T) Depend on M/C
SP3AH-01006-A Spacer for Insert (LGAT-003T) S45C/13.5T*32*56mm
SP3AH-01007   S45C/12t*32*56
SP3AH-01008   S45C/13.5t*32*56mm
SP3AH-01009   S45C/16.8*32*56
SP3AH-01010 Spacer for Insert (For LGAP-0608) (for larger chips) by customable
SP3AH-01010-1 Spacer for Insert (for larger chips) S45C/10*32*56mm
SP3AH-01012 Spacer For Transfer(LGAT-003T) by customable
SP3AH-01012-1 Transfer spacer (Thick -new) S45C/10.5*12*42mm
SP3AH-01012-1HPH Spacer For Transfer (FOR 1-HPH/ LGAT-003T) by customable
SP3AH-01012-A Spacer for Insert and Transfer S45C/12T*14.5*42mm
SP3AH-01012-GEN2323 Spacer For Transfer (FOR GEN2323/ LGAT-003T) by customable
SP3AH-01012-Z TRANSFER SPACER (THICK-NEW) S45C/10.5*12*42mm
SP3AH-02007 Upper Spacer (Left) AL-6061T6/12T*22*40mm
SP3AH-02010 Upper Spacer (Right) AL-6061T6/12T*22*40mm
*** Above list could be customable